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Imagine… Less Cancer. Fewer children with learning disabilities and asthma. Immune systems that can cope with infections like COVID-19. Imagine making homemade bread, the most basic and traditional of recipes, without worrying about a list of hidden concerns.

Imagine how much healthier we could all be if we had a government that was dedicated to protecting everyone’s health, including protecting all of us from toxic chemicals—drinking water without lead or PFAS, air without particulates pollution, food and products free of BPA, phthalates and flame retardants.

Clean air, water, food and products are human health rights, not an expensive shopping list.

The organizations on the Recipes for Health website are all working for everyone’s right to a healthy environment and safe food and products. On November 3, we need to elect leaders who take these rights – and their responsibility for prioritizing the health of all of us – seriously.

It’s a two-part recipe: grassroots action and the election of women and men who share the vision of a healthier, less toxic future for everyone.

Your support of these organizations and your vote in the November election are both necessary ingredients in the recipe for healthier lives.

What a year this has been. 2020 took a sharp turn early on and it’s been hard ever since. Unbelievably hard. Cruel even. This will be a year that none of us and none of our parents or children ever forget.

What stories will we tell about 2020?  Stories of illness and death and job and business loss. But also, stories of courage, generosity and resistance.

While much of America has banded together in safety and solidarity, our leaders at the highest level have completely let us down.

They have placed value on billionaires and large corporations over working families.

They ignored the science, the hard facts; and those things impacted our health, our jobs, our children’s educations.

And not only that, they have actively worked to undo or refuse to properly implement hundreds of rules that have protected our country for decades, including the Clean Water Rule, the emissions rules for power plants and vehicles, the Chemical Disaster Rule and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Now, more than any other time in our lives, we have a heightened awareness of what happens when the government doesn’t protect us. And now, more than ever, we need elected officials who know their job is to protect us and to work with all the Recipes for Health organizations that are cooking up change, along with all of our allies, for a healthier, less toxic future.

Organizations Cooking Up Change


The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) protects people from toxic chemicals by working with communities, consumers, workers, government, and the private sector to demand and support business practices that are safe for public health and the environment. Our air, water, food, and consumer products should be free of dangerous and untested chemicals.

To protect the health of all people, we must address the disproportionate health effects of toxic chemicals caused by systemic racism and other social injustices. The movement to eliminate dangerous chemicals must move forward in partnership with Environmental Justice, Reproductive Justice, and other related movements working to address the pressing social justice issues of our day.

To learn more and to get involved, visit us at

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families fights for strong chemical policy, works with retailers to phase out hazardous chemicals, and educates the public about ways to protect families from toxic chemicals.

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families works in partnership with Toxic-Free Future, Safer States and Mind the Store toeliminate our toxic PFAS contamination problem as well educate consumers about its use in nonstick products.

Environmental Health Strategy Center

The Environmental Health Strategy Center (EHSC) works to create a world where all people are healthy and thriving, with equal access to safe food and drinking water, and products that are toxic-free and climate-friendly. EHSC leads the Toxic Free Food coalition. Two initiatives are particularly beneficial to parents and consumers:

KleanUpKraft: Since a 2017 study uncovered phthalates in the cheese powder of Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese, the Toxic Free Food coalition has called on Kraft to be a market leader and protect pregnant women and kids by eliminating any phthalates in their products. You can sign the petition to tell Kraft Heinz to keep phthalates out of food.

Find the Toxic Bottle Cap Drive: Toxic phthalates are in some bottle cap liners, which are used to form a seal against the bottle rim. These bottle cap liners may leave a toxic residue on the bottle rim. When someone takes a sip from that bottle, they’re drinking that residue—taking a sip of toxic phthalates. Testing is underway to figure out which beverage brands are using toxic bottle caps. Look for the public report to be released later this fall.

Toxic-Free Future

Toxic-Free Future advocates for the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices through advanced research, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Toxic-Free Future works in partnership with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Safer States and Mind the Store toeliminate our toxic PFAS contamination problem as well educate consumers about its use in nonstick products.

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