The Environmental Health Strategy Center (EHSC) works to create a world where all people are healthy and thriving, with equal access to safe food and drinking water, and products that are toxic-free and climate-friendly. EHSC leads the Toxic Free Food coalition. Two initiatives are particularly beneficial to parents and consumers:

KleanUpKraft: Since a 2017 study uncovered phthalates in the cheese powder of Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese, the Toxic Free Food coalition has called on Kraft to be a market leader and protect pregnant women and kids by eliminating any phthalates in their products. You can sign the petition to tell Kraft Heinz to keep phthalates out of food.

Find the Toxic Bottle Cap Drive: Toxic phthalates are in some bottle cap liners, which are used to form a seal against the bottle rim. These bottle cap liners may leave a toxic residue on the bottle rim. When someone takes a sip from that bottle, they’re drinking that residue—taking a sip of toxic phthalates. Testing is underway to figure out which beverage brands are using toxic bottle caps. Look for the public report to be released later this fall.