The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) is the leading nursing organization focusing on the intersection of health and the environment. ANHE works with nurses and nursing organizations around the world to promote healthier environments for all.

ANHE Nurses’ Guide to What the Science Teaches Us about Common Solutions to Climate Change and Family Health Problems: In this new guide learn why nurses are calling on all our policymakers to join us in taking strong action now to address climate change and improve our families’ and community health! There is a clear link between climate change and increased exposure to chemicals of concern. Exposures may increase with rising temperatures and many chemicals are petroleum based with all the climate impacts related to fossil fuel extraction. Addressing climate change can have a significant positive impact by reducing chemical exposures!

Nurses Drawdown:  Nurses across the globe are invited to participate in Nurses’ Drawdown. Since the earliest days of professional nursing, nurses have understood that optimal health requires good nutrition, along with food free of toxic chemicals, adequate mobility, a healthy environment and social support. Through commitment to Nursing Drawdown actions, nurses will improve the health of individuals and communities, while also taking steps to heal the planet.