Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a feminist, women-led environmental health organization focused on ‘cleaning up’ the products that are predominantly marketed to women – making them safer for our bodies and planet by holding corporations accountable, passing laws, and providing people with the tools they need to get involved in the environmental health movement. Our recipe for health is rooted in our core values:

People Matter: We build and maintain relationships that collectively make us stronger. We ensure women have the support they need to be effective leaders.

Equity & Power-Sharing: Women and other under-represented people are essential to making change and must be part of making decisions and crafting solutions.

Meaningful Change: We commit to bringing about changes to improve women’s health through relentless investigation and action. We base our work on strong science and a precautionary approach to production and consumption.

Visionary: We challenge traditional ways of thinking and operating – centering women’s rights and power – with courage, optimism, humor, and action.